About Us

Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization promoting the establishment of an alternative social and sustainable touristic model as well as alternative offers of leisure activities on the Canary Islands. We are aiming at improving the chances of the local population. We want to distribute more effectively the benefits of tourism and we pretend to ensure respect for nature and the cultural values of the local community.

What does our mission look like?

-Mobalization of the community: We offer affordable leisure activities where people can take an active part. This means that people with insufficient economic resources are able to participate in our activities in order to have a fulfilling and active social life.

-Community development: We encourage the inclusion of the society in an alternative tourism model. We develop new working options for the local society.

-Environmental protection: We contribute to environmental preservation and protection by fostering and reevaluating cultural, social and natural elements of the islands.

-Capacity development: We facilitate an active training regarding the natural and cultural Canarian environment. In that way we improve the chances of the Canarian people on the employment market by providing them an environmental and social education.

-Social cohesion and networking: We promote human relationships and alliances between individuals through cultural and recreative activities. Besides, we establish a direct communication channel to foreigners in order to improve intercultural relations.

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  • Carol Dias – For ceding her original idea of the naked banana to us
  • El salón – For accommodating us in this great office 😉