From September 20th to 21st a meeting was held which focused on “Ornithological Tourism and Seafowls on Tenerife”. It was organized by The Spanish Society of Ornithology (La Sociedad Española de Ornitolo ( During this meeting we learned about the importance of a new sustainable touristic resource which is of special interest on our Canary Islands. It’s a resource which is relatively unknown but has a great value for us: On the Canary Islands you can find 56 different species of nesting birds and almost 300 species of migrating birds. Some of them you can’t see anywhere else on the planet.

That is why The Canary Islands are recognized as a hot spot of global ornithology. Almost 50% of its territory is under protection by the Network Natura 2000.

We were also able to watch Pilot Whales and Atlantic Spotted Dolphines. Observing birds you can usually combine with other experiences.

It is important to spark the population’s interest in this important resource and to promote its protection since who doesn’t know about what he has, does not appreciate it, does not protect it and will eventually end up loosing it.